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We provide a diverse array of property management services to cater to specific property needs.

Financial Management

Our financial department manages and oversees building finances such as accounts payables, accounts receivables, and budgeting for property improvements and capital expenses. We work closely with the Board & Managers of each building to ensure that all stipulations and laws are complied with by the residents of the building. Our cash-based accounting practices allow for accurate financial tracking and a true reflection of a building’s income and expenditure. We also produce detailed monthly financial statements accompanied by bank reconciliation statements for increased transparency. Clear communication is done with contracted vendors to ensure a high quality of work and conformance with outlined budgets.

Resident Correspondence

At Blue Owl Management, we pride ourselves on clear and effective communication with building residents. All resident requests are treated equally and handled in an efficacious manner so as to ensure maximum satisfaction and problem resolution. In addition to this, our property managers also visit the buildings routinely to speak with residents and listen to their concerns and form an action plan on how they can be effectively addressed. The entire Blue Owl team is readily available to respond to questions from board members, residents, professionals, and others as they arise, responding to all inquiries made by phone or email usually in less than 24 hours.

Board Communications

The building’s Board is always kept up-to-date and well informed of all building activities. At Blue Owl Management, we make it our mission to properly understand the Board’s vision and goals for the property and provide them with supplementary information and advice where necessary, to work in the best interest of the property. Board members are given access to special financial reports which allow them to truly understand and assess the building’s cash position, assets, and liabilities. Through our new property management software, Buildium, these reports are also made available and easily accessible to authorized members.

Closing Department

Blue Owl provides a fully functional closing department to process and expedite apartment transfers and leasing in accordance with the by-laws and Board policies of our portfolio properties. The transfer department receives and processes applications for review by the Board within 72 hours of receipt of the required information. Upon approval, Blue Owl works with the seller and purchaser professionals to schedule and implement closings.

Energy Efficiency

Each managed building is thoroughly assessed by our property managers for ways to improve energy efficiency and to reduce operational costs. Once the appropriate program(s) have been identified and selected for a building, we then fill out and submit the required documentation to the relevant agency for enrollment. We continue to remain well informed about popular energy programs in New York available through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) including but not limited to the Multi-Family Performance Program (MFPP), Build Ready Program (BRP), Advanced Buildings Program, Commercial New Construction Program, and energy curtailment programs.

Emergency Management

All emergencies are handled with the utmost care, concern and in the most responsive manner to ensure the safety and security of all building residents. Our 24/7 emergency call system is available year-round to all residents of our managed buildings.

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