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Real Estate Management Specialists

Providing exceptional property management services with fastidious attention to detail and a hyper-focus on personalized client interactions.


At Blue Owl Management, we aim to provide our clients with high-quality property management services. In managing properties that we are contracted for, our team of vastly experienced property managers utilize all of our resources efficiently to cater to the building's needs and concerns while simultaneously accounting for opinions and directives given by the Board.

Properties are managed from an owner's perspective with maximum return on investment, resident satisfaction, and streamlined day to day operations being of paramount importance to us. To accomplish our mission, we utilize advanced financial reporting systems for accurate accounting and routinely engage our clients in available cost-effective and beneficial building programs and initiatives. 

Finance Management
Accurate and clear financial reports regarding various aspects of a building’s finances are prepared on a monthly basis and made available to the Board. 
Resident Correspondence
Responding to our residents in a timely fashion and ensuring that all of their concerns and issues are properly addressed is one of our top priorities.
Board Communications
We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to Board members, providing succinct and organized correspondences regarding the property being managed.
Closing Department
We thoroughly review all closing and transfer documents and maintain a strict adherence to applicable laws to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free transition.
Energy Efficiency
Experts at assessing and recommending building initiatives to achieve a high level of energy conservation and a reduction in operational costs.
Emergency Management
Our emergency call system is always available 24/7 to all of our clients and residents to ensure a comprehensive and swift response to life-threatening situations.
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